Our Story


Meet Ali

Our story starts in perhaps the most fitting birthplace for a learning company- school.

In 2017, a mother named Muneera experienced growing frustration with how the rigid structure of schools dulled her 6-year old son Ali’s brimming curiosity and stifled his natural ability to learn. As Ali’s mom she was determined to make sure he was skillfully equipped for his future journey. She knew the only way for him to truly be prepared for what is yet to come is to embrace learning itself and make it his friend. She wanted him to love learning like he loved fun. She could not wait to imagine him naturally developing curiosity, creativity, communication, confidence, and

But there was a problem. The school curriculum didn’t teach such life skills. She knew in her heart that the code of future skills spelled Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) and yet nobody was working to make STEAM learning playful and fun enough for kids.

It was at that point that a mission was given birth. Muneera and her sisters created the change
they wished to see in the world.

In 2018, Clever Play opened its doors and started playing with possibilities. In the Clever Play story, our children are the heroes. They are the ones that inspired us to be here in the first place and their future fuels our HEARTwork. We stand by them, beside them and behind them as believers and enablers- inspiring their journey towards the bravest dreams that will one day serve the world.


Our Philosophy

The Clever Play Way of Empowering Curious Creators is Rooted in Playful Learning. Bringing together the act of Play and the spirit of playful learning creates a more natural , friendly and joyful way of learning.
When children are having fun in our space, we nurture the expressive confidence needed for them to become lifelong learners that are empowered, curious, and creative.


Our Impact


Strength By Numbers

Since our launch in 2018, our mission and purpose-driven company has grown exponentially: to date we have impacted and served over 45,000 children orienting them with the tools and skills needed for future success.
Through our high-impact programs, plug-and-play school program, and camps, we are paving a path of transformative STEAM learning experience for children anywhere!