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The Future Calls For Action

We are at a very interesting time in history.
We live at a time where the future comes faster than ever and surprises us with its evolving shape and form.

Technology is redesigning professions and reshaping workplaces. In no other time in history has the demand for a dynamically relevant education been more urgent. Traditional education finds itself challenged to evolve into a progressive, student-driven and engaging learning experience.

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Who We Are

We are a forward thinking, creative learning hub adapting a free-spirited paradigm for learning and promoting a culture of exploration and adventure; enlightened by the following core objectives:

Educate the Heart (develop positive attitudes and behaviors, including high emotional intelligence, selflessness, empathy and purpose-driven leadership).

Enhance the Head (through inter-disciplinary skills development using the STEAM framework advocating critical reflection and intellectual curiosity).

Engage the Hands (direct engagement with the tools and resources to make, create and rediscover the creative capacity of human hands).

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What We Do

Clever Play provides a future-focused and interactive learning environment that nurtures the natural and unique capacity of each individual to acquire flexible and transferrable skills needed to respond to tomorrow's challenges.

Our Programs

Why We Do It

We strongly believe that by creating a pathway that encourages our young to be curious in the classroom and become problem solvers in the real-world, translating their knowledge and skills into action, and rising as exceptional innovative leaders in their respective fields, they will dwell meaningfully in the service of the community at large.