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The Future Calls For Action

The local labor market flows with global trends of constant change and rapid evolution. The pace is so much so that we cannot remain dwelling in the conventional educational paradigms and training methods. We need to meet the open-ended challenge of the future by putting in place exposure to the ways and means of a fast-paced developing world.

Clever Play seeks to create a venue for such interaction with the future, one day at a time by training children to become innovation workers that anticipate and competitively meet future needs. We shall use technology purposefully to explore and experiment and to train for in-demand real life skills in this new economy.
In our portals we shall cultivate the habit of embracing a forward-thinking and growth mindset, a flexible and adaptable skill set and a culture of curiosity, daring to take risks and fearless openness to failure as stepping stones to success.

The future calls for not merely passive learners but critical thinkers; not merely problems finders but problem solvers; not ordinary workers but innovators in the making - ready to keep their knowledge up to date; and do the best with their knowledge to carve a common and collective path of fulfillment.

Technology and standards of assessment may change but if students are grounded on a good relationship with learning and teachers, they will find their way to do more than just survive the coming of the future. They will thrive in the future and make a difference every step of the way.
To this end, we invite you to share in our mission
and be our partners in future building, TODAY!