The new gift suggestions, many a whole lot more on the bride’s friends, are put before the members of the family altar

To own Vietnamese there are two ceremonies: 1) the latest Le a keen hoi (betrothal service) and you will dos) the fresh new Ce cuoi (event). The brand new Le a keen hoi is kept some time before matrimony: new bridegroom and his awesome loved ones visit the bride to be along with her household members with bullet lacquered packages known as betrothal presents consisting of gifts out of areca wild and you can betel actually leaves, tea, pie, fruits, wine or other foods wrapped in yellow material and sent from the unilies agree to discover a beneficial big date for matrimony. [Source: Vietnamtourism, Vietnam National Management from Tourist]

The wedding time commonly starts with mom of the bridegroom bringing a piece of chalk, representing a bright future, on the bride in the their unique household. The brand new groom and his awesome entourage appear on bride’s household having gift ideas such jewellery, seats, money, and lacquered leather trunks having bed linen in to the.