Clay, a serious older woman just who seems determined in order to wed Sir Walter

Against Harville’s claim that women effortlessly check out the latest like, Anne protests you to definitely men–employing social obligations and top-notch hobbies–possess greater aid in beating loss, if you find yourself women could only gently sustain and you can survive

Another way of unique opens which have Anne’s arrival for the Bath that have Lady Russell to participate their own dad and you may cousin. Here she discovers William Walter Elliot purchasing courtroom in order to their unique father, whom nevertheless dreams a wedding between the heir and you can Elizabeth will remain Kellynch in the line. Anne along with finds out new insinuating Mrs. Anne check outs an old pal, Mrs. Smith, now ill and you will living from the Bath in the straitened facts. Mrs. Smith seems to understand a tremendous amount on William Walter Elliot, exactly who Anne finds hard to comprehend and you will candidates of having an effective twice character. Then your Crofts and you will Wentworth come to Shower, and you may Anne hears that have surprise that frequently heartbroken Benwick keeps feel engaged so you can Louisa Musgrove. Regarding higher lay little bit of new unique different principal emails encounter each other on a show, in which Anne bear in mind devotes by herself to the comfort of other people. After she finds out out of Mrs. Smith one to William Walter Elliot features a cruel profile. He’s got arrive at Shower so you can direct regarding Mrs. Clay’s designs on Sir Walter as the he anxieties you to definitely a marriage between them might result on men heir had a need to keep Kellynch from inside the Sir Walter’s line.