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Immediately following Sora leaves to look for Kairi, Roxas and you may Lea come back to Twilight Town in the tower, in which he could be entered because of the Xion, Isa, Hayner, Pence, and you will Olette. Riku happens regarding the Highwind and you will takes them to the new Destiny Islands getting a party honoring their winnings more Xehanort, allowing Roxas so you can eventually look at the coastline together with his nearest and dearest. The team looks to your since the Sora and you may Kairi observe a final sundown to one another prior to Sora is out aside.

Just after 12 months passes by once the Xehanort’s beat, the fresh new Twilight City crew happens to be learning Roxas and you may Xion’s thoughts hoping of finding the whereabouts of lost Sora.