At some point, Chass na Chadic, just who Jyn got helped towards Five Circumstances, robbed a black market store for the Koiogra

Jyn’s jobs to obtain the preparations for the Scarif greeting the fresh new Break the rules Alliance to help you ruin the original Demise Superstar on Competition regarding Yavin.

A beneficial holovid from Jyn’s fearless and you will moving terms verbal while in the their particular meeting with Alliance Large Command ahead of the Competition out-of Scarif try grabbed of the rebel creator Corwi Selgrothe and you can circulated in conflict, although it are prohibited by the Kingdom. Selgrothe considered their particular functions capturing Jyn’s address is their better end and found the story of Rogue An individual’s heroics getting very physically swinging.

Chadic took numerous holovids, together with one of many speech. On watching they, she realized that the brand new lady who had assisted their and you may told you their particular term are Hallik was Jyn Erso. Chadic are determined adjust her lifetime, travel into Cavern Angels, and ultimately join the Break the rules Alliance. While in the her time in the brand new Alphabet Squadron, Chadic informed her squadron one to Jyn are good martyr and a character which did precisely what mattered on the work so you can ruin the brand new Dying Star and you will mentioned committed she got met her. Later, on period before Alphabet’s mission to Pandem Nai, Chass became panicked and began to consider what would happen to her that belong will be she perish. Since she wrote an email on her behalf box away from songs datachips, she pondered in the event the Jyn got invested their particular past times giving their kvinner Argentinsk sГёte property.